Aquaria Is Not Putting Up with That Ship

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We asked the Drag Race Season Ten Queen what she would do if she were on the Titanic, and girlfriend gives new meaning to the term “flotation device.”

This is the dawning of the age of Aquaria! Well, technically that may have been in Episode Four’s “Last Ball on Earth,” when she turned out a trio of “lewks” that clearly put her training from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) to good use — and won her the challenge. Her Alaskan Winter Realness was a bikini that dared to bare with a “lucha libre” mask that would make Jack Black eat his heart out and a ponytail that let her whip her hair back and forth like Miss Willow Smith. Aquaria’s Miami Summer Realness was an explosion of technicolor sherbet goodness (boasting hand-dyed faux fur, to boot). And her Martian Eleganza Extravaganza served both super-villain realness (with a dramatic, bolt-of-lightning bust piece, matching mask, and flowing cape) and body for days — so much so that we even caught the censors blurring a little something-something around her hoochie-coochie… or maybe that was just some of Ru’s lens vaseline.

But Aquaria has more than fashion going on. She’s the drag daughter of Season Four winner Sharon Needles, which leads us to believe she’s got plenty more tricks up her sleeve. Though Blair St. Clair may seem like the season’s ingenue, the youngest competitor of Season Ten is actually Aquaria, who was a mere 21 years old at the time of competing. But don’t get it twisted, sister — the queen has experience: she has hosted parties at Art Basel and performed at nightclubs in global destinations such as London and Vienna. She’s also a master of Instagram — amassing a following of over 210,000 before her Drag Race casting was even announced and (at the time of this writing) has already doubled it at over 490,000.

And now it turns out she’s a comedy queen as well. We had a very special water-themed question in mind for the queen whose name is a reference to the water-bearers of the zodiac: What would she do if she found herself on the Titanic when it struck that fateful iceberg? Check out her answer in our exclusive video.

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Last modified: November 28, 2018