Did You See Gwen’s Meltdown on “Fosse/Verdon” Episode 7 “Nowadays”?

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Rehearsal for Chicago the Musical on Fosse Verdon

Chicago finally made it to Broadway, Gwen really gave it to Bob, and Liza saved the day. But what did Twitter think about all this?

Amber Treadway

Everyone – including director and playwright Amber Treadway – was talking about Gwen reading Bob for filth:

Caissie St. Onge

All that Fosse flair reminded Busy Tonight writer/producer Caissie St. Onge of another groundbreaking dancer:

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Alan Sepinwall

Rolling Stone Critic Alan Sepinwall reminded us that – even with all Michelle Williams’ “Razzle Dazzle”, you never know what will happen come Emmy time:

Katie Kawa

Katie Kawa of “Nerdy Girl Notes” still can’t get Chita and Gwen doing the episode’s title song out of her head:

Alex Lacamoire‏

And Fosse/Verdon Supervising Music Producer Alex Lacamoire gave us a glimpse of that very same moment behind the scenes:

Tim Cummings

Meanwhile, actor and author Tim Cummings screen-capped one of Gwen’s more traumatic moments:

Lin-Manuel Miranda

Our adored and adorable Lin-Manuel Miranda (along with special guests) gave us another taste of the music of Chicago:

And for his final watch party, he has promised us the most special guest of all:

You can like the life you’re living – with reactions to the previous episode of Fosse/Verdon:

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Last modified: May 22, 2019