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Dr. Evan Goldstein intended to become a cardiac surgeon, do well by doing good and call his career a done deal.

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Lucky for the gay population that he turned his attention instead to gay men’s sexual health — and to shatter the silence and stigma that goes along with bottoming.

Goldstein now spearheads Bespoke Surgical with clinics in New York and LA, where he’s an anal surgeon serving the gay community while helping to educate them about best practices in sex.  As such, he decided a few months back to launch a quarterly video roundtable called Tail Talks, where medical professionals gather with influencers and experts to discuss the previously taboo topic of bottoming, and doing so safely.

“I decided to hone in on the science of sex,” the physician says, “because I believe it’s paramount for our community to understand the risks and how to be safe when we engage with each other.”

Goldstein, who had been married to a woman before meeting his partner of 12 years, says it’s time to expand minds past the crisis of HIV/AIDS and to consider how men can be more considerate tops and their counterparts can be more aware and vocal about what their needs to stay healthy and get the most out of their experience together. “Before now, most medical care having to do with young gay men focused on HIV care,” Goldstein opines. “And we’re now the first generation living our lives out since the crisis began. But we’ve never really had the help we need in a non-demeaning way, with someone explaining that these are the things you can do to protect not only yourself and your partner, but the community at large.”

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Last modified: January 22, 2019