Drag Race All Stars: Trinity the Tuck Wants to Welcome Refugees in Drag

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Drag Queen Trinity the Tuck

Drag Race All Star Trinity the Tuck says she wants to wants to welcome Central and South American refugees at the border in drag.

Drag Is a Political Act

RuPaul has famously called drag political. Of course, what he’s referring to is gender politics. “That’s why it ruffles so many feathers,” RuPaul told Salon. “Because a shape shifter — drag queen — is telling you you’re not who you think you are.”

Trinity the Tuck seemed to have a different kind of politics in mind when we asked her, “What part of the world needs drag the most right now?” See her answer below:

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“You know what? I’m gonna say Central and South America,” Trinity responded. “We have a lot of refugees coming towards the US, and I want to be at the border with a bunch of drag queens welcoming them in. And, you know what? F**k Trump!”

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Last modified: February 14, 2019