Eli Lieb Surfaces with a New Look and Single, “Shangri La”

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Can you explain the message behind “Shangri La” and also your decision to film the video in such an intimate way?

“Shangri La” is a song about doing something you shouldn’t, but you do it anyway because you just can’t help yourself. You feel so raw in that moment and are feeling so many conflicting emotions. The video is a reflection of how raw and exposed you feel to yourself after you live with the decisions you’ve made. The song is true to my life and shooting a video that is equally as revealing felt right.

How has your creative process changed since moving away from Los Angeles earlier this year?

I now have total freedom! And the freedom is more a mental one. Because I am no longer writing trying to get songs placed and recorded by other labeled artists, it has made me feel completely free to try anything and not just do what everyone is wanting. It allows my creative process to dive deep into unknown territories and try anything out. And as long as I’m being authentic to myself, I know I’ll be successful with it. And it’s probably where my best material will emerge from. “Shangri La” is definitely created from that space.

Is there any more new music on the way? If so, how would you describe it? What’s been inspiring you of late?

There is a lot of new music on the way! I’m working on loads of new songs right now – I tend to work on them all at once. I definitely have more than a full album’s worth of new material I’m chipping away at. The songs range from more experimental like “Shangri La,” to guitar pop music. It’s a pretty broad range but my style and songwriting is the rope that threads them all together. Actually, what has really been inspiring me is making music to help people feel better about themselves and their lives. “Shangri” La is about me and a relationship, but a lot of my new music is music to help empower people and make them feel strong. I love knowing that my music can help people feel like they can face the challenges ahead.

What’s been your salvation as we collectively face this precarious political climate?

Oh man. OH MAN. This is a tough question. I won’t lie and say it hasn’t been very difficult. Living in this country right now now is pretty disheartening and disappointing. It’s definitely making me focus on living the best life I can and to fight for what I know is right. Is there salvation at this point? I’m not sure. But I know that when we are faced with difficult times, it always makes us reflect on our own lives and hopefully gives us more insight into our own strength and character.

Lastly, what’s your song of the summer?

I love “Uh Huh” by Julia Michaels. I love the sound, the song, everything.

Last modified: July 22, 2019