Men Shaving: You Need to See These 11 Incredibly Sexy Photos

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Man Applying Shaving Cream

If you enjoy images of men shaving, you need to see these 11 incredibly sexy photos. Enjoy – and then stick around for tips on doing it right – whether you’re trimming a full beard or really cutting it close.

He’s Getting Off Scruff

The Beard’s Not All That’s Coming Down

He’s Doing Some Red Hot Manscaping

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Shaving Your Tatted Neck Is SO 2020

He’s Serving You Lewks

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He’s Ready for His Closeup

Someone’s In Good Hands

He’s Relaxing Into It

Having A Reflective Moment

Throwing in the Towel

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Take Your Shaving to the Next Level

Ready to ditch some fuzz? Start by getting rid of cheap, disposable pharmacy razors and getting yourself a real razor. By that I mean a classic, old-school safety razor. Intimidated? Don’t be. The key is to let the weight of the razor do the work. It may take some patience, but you’ll get the hang of it. Like certain of life’s other pleasures – it may take a little longer but comes with the satisfaction of knowing you’re doing it right. Plus, YouTube is brimming with easy-on-the eyes video tutorials like this one:

Shaving and Saving

As an added bonus, you’ll also save money in the long term. Even when I was wearing a full beard, I still shaved my neck and cheeks almost daily. Ultimately, that turned into a lot of money spent on razor blades which were designed specifically to be used just a few times, then thrown away. With the safety razor, you will be changing out the blade far less frequently. I tend to switch every four to six weeks. Try Van Der Hagen Razor Blades which are made in the German city of Solingen. Their product is uncoated for a superior shave and ice-tempered. pack of five costs less than $5.00 so, not only are you supporting an age-old industry you’re getting a bargain.

Shaving the Environment

Even if you’re using a razor with a reusable handle, think of the environmental impact of a lifetime of discarded heads. Multiply that several times if you’re using one with a plastic handle. Then multiply that by the fact that 163 million consumers used some form of dispozable razor in 2018. And don’t forget that their packaging may also contain a great deal of non-recyclable plastic. Do you want cleaning up your face to pollute the environment?

Lathering Up

Now that you’ve got a proper razor, complement it with a luxurious shaving cream. The Art of Shaving boasts many fine shaving accessories and treatments. I especially like their sandalwood scent. (You may want to pair it with a complimentery shaving balm to add a refreshing finish to your morning ritual.)

Or consider Creamo, which is the brand I use at home. It’s a perfect match for your retro-chic safety razor as the brand seeks to emulate the classic shaving of years past for the modern consumer. They offer alluring scents such as lavender, bourbon, and citrus. Their product is proudly made in the United States, and a standard six ounce tube lasts 90 days.

Have you run out of shaving cream? Never fear! Work up a lather with a good, natural soap such the Dr. Bronner family of products. Their tea tree oil soap – especially in bar form – works up suds that will also soothe skin as you shave.

A Sexier Way to Shave

I admit it. I converted my fiance to using a safety razor. At first he was tentative about the idea – like a lot of people are in the beginning. But I lent him mine to try (back before we lived together) when he’d left his at home. I popped in a new blade, handed it over and he was instantly hooked. Now when I watch him shave in the mirror each morning, I’m reminded of an old black-and-white Hollywood film. He looks like a classic gentleman getting ready for his day at the office. And then, of course, I enjoy caressing that freshly smooth cheek when he kisses me goodbye for the day.

Give it a try. Neither you – nor the man in your life – will find a better shave outside of a barber shop.

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Additional reporting for this piece by Paul Hagen.

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Last modified: December 20, 2019