People We Love: Brian Rafferty Shares His TRADE Secrets for NYC Nightlife

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Brian Rafferty

They took risks, defied expectations, spoke out, redefined cool and made us proud to call them members and allies of our community.


If New York gay nightlife has a ringmaster, Brian Rafferty would certainly fit the bill. Rafferty has made it his mission to make sure no one leaves his parties without breaking a sweat, hearing the best DJs in town and having a safe, fun environment to meet people just like them. Trained in medicine, he also claims a “creative itch” led him into organizing events to help people “forget the stresses of daily life in one of the most stressful cities in the world.” Rafferty confides that the “secret sauce” that makes his renowned TRADE successful is a seamless blend of inclusivity and exclusivity. “TRADE,” he says,”is inclusive because we welcome everyone. It’s exclusive in that we do a lot to appeal to those who come, so they really feel a special part of the overall experience.”

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Last modified: July 25, 2019