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Oddly enough, Ireland’s best foreign picture entry for the 2016 Academy Awards is set in Cuba and filmed in Spanish.

Film Viva

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It tells the story of a poor but beautiful orphan boy named Jesus, who combs wigs for a local drag show while dreaming of taking the stage himself. When he finally does, it turns out he’s got natural talent: He owns the audience until a drunk stops him cold with a punch to the face. The drunk turns out to be his own dad, in prison for most of Jesus’ life now back home and determined to make Jesus sacrifice his dreams. THE WORD: Irish director Paddy Breathnach makes meaningful, pleasant and highly watchable films about realistically quirky characters. This one in particular will speak to a gay audiences with its message about to importance of finding family in unconventional ways. COMING TO: Theaters

Last modified: July 27, 2017