19 Sassy Things Said in Drag Race Season 11 Episode 3

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Honey Davenport

The queens beat at Ru’s back door, praised Britney and Mariah, and got fringed up to face an epic lip sync, but which of their sassy sayings stuck with us?

While Recovering from Elimination and Facing the Back Door Challenge

On Mercedes being in the bottom two last week:
MISS VANJIE: You gotta pick a struggle. You can’t struggle at everything, bitch.

On Ariel’s opinions:
SILKY: Ariel is a social media girl so I think it’s a difference for her being in a situation where she’s with real entertainers. She’s one note. She don’t really have a personality. She’s an Instagram ho. Nobody care.

Upon entering the werk room:
SILKY: I woke up this morning. There’s one less ‘ho, and i feel great.

While trying to get backstage:
HONEY: I got 9-and-a-half reasons why Michelle wants me in this back door.
RUPAUL: Well, show me at least one.
HONEY: I twerk, girl!
RUPAUL: That’s half a reason.

When A’keria tries to get in the door:
RUPAUL: I’m the one [already] up in the party
A’KERIA: You checkin’ the door!

When she’s among the last two picked:
A’KERIA: Y’all left me standing in the nosebleeds with Mercedes? All y’all got to be blind, crippled and crazy!

A Tale of Two Divas

On being asked to remember specific diva details:
SHUGA: I’m the worst person at memory.

On Ariel:
SILKY: I don’t hate her, but at the same time I can’t wait til she Ariel her ass out the door. Nyah!

On Miss Vanjie’s “conversion” performance:
NINA: That bitch opens her mouth, it’s an amazing thing to watch.

In the midst of her spiritual fervor:
MISS VANJIE: Thank you, Miss Vanjie! [a beat] I thanked myself!!!

After Ross tells the “Mariah” team they best bring it on the runway:
A’KERIA: I think our team is headed to the gates. And I don’t mean of heaven.

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While Getting Ready and Working the Runway

On Mercedes’ remarking she had never been to church:
A’KERIA: I thought Muslims go to church. [Don’t] you go to mausoleums?
SILKY: Mosques!

On Yvie’s genitals:
MISS VANJIE: Yvie, baby, I just see her anteater out! Whoo – did somebody order sausage?

Regarding the profusion of black strips decorating Honey’s ensemble:
MICHELLE: ARGH! My VHS exploded!

After seeing A’keria’s elaborate headpiece:
MICHELLE: Now i know what to do with my menorah after Hanukkah!

About Silky’s profusion of bright blue fringe:
ROSS: This is from Bob Mackie’s Cookie Monster collection.

Listing other divas team “Mariah” could have chosen:
RUPAUL: Madonna, Gaga, Cher, and J-lo… Latoya…

On RuPaul’s decision to have six queens lip sync for their lives:
MISS VANJIE: Mama is mad and all six of y’all have to pay. Face… child!

On her approach to the crowded lip sync:
RA’JAH: If i have to cut a bitch off, bitch is gonna get cut off right here: that Tonya Harding moment!

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Last modified: March 23, 2019