14 Memorable Quotes from Drag Race Season 11 Episode 2

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Kahanna Montrese

It was a night of blockbuster movie parodies and stellar astrological lewks, but what quotes from Drag Race Season 11 Episode Two got stuck in our wigs?

In the Werk Room

On Soju’s Cyst:
MISS VANJIE: Child, there’s just some things you don’t do. I don’t give a f**k if it’s inflamed to the size of GuanTAMino Bay, you never say “cyst” when Mama Ru’s in your presence.

On the results of “Bang, Marry, Kill”:
SILKY: Is everyone gonna kill Silky?

Written on a sign held over her crotch while splay-legged before the Trump family:
BROOKE: Welcome to America!

Regarding Brooke’s blonde quick drag lewk:
RUPAUL: Suzanne Somers… I mean, Brooke Lynn Hites.

On her work ethic:
MISS VANJIE: I gotta show I can channel all this bullshit energy that I got into something constructive.

Regarding the other queens throwing shade at Silky:
RUPAUL: Are you all trying to one up her in the attitude department?
THE QUEENS (in unison): No.
RUPAUL: Well, maybe you better!

Confronting Silky about the other queens’ complaints:
RUPAUL: They say you suck the air out of the room.
SILKY: Sorry I was given [such] a big straw to suck.

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From the Challenge to the Runway

Correcting Silky on a line during the challenge:
MICHELLE: The line is, “That fan ain’t gonna stop us.”
SILKY (when it’s time for the line): That fan ain’t gonna do s**t!

When Yvie suggested the other queens step up their game:
Ra’Jah: Oh, I’m focused, boo.
Yvie: Your make-up says otherwise.

On what guest judge Bobby Moynihan’s drag name would be:
BOBBY: I think I’d go with Fatty Lupone.

Regarding one of the Honey Davenport’s lion makeup:
RUPAUL: I’ve heard of a brown-noser, but this is ridiculous!

Scatalogically referencing the late, great Carol Channing:
RUPAUL: Capricorn? I don’t remember having Capricorn!

In the role of “Auntie Maxine”:
SHUGA: If you stay woke, you won’t need to get woke.

On some wicked dance moves:
MISS VANJIE: Kahanna’s flipping, and I’m ducking and dodging! Just don’t hit me, whore!

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Last modified: March 29, 2019