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Para Mi Gente

Para Mi Gente

Artist Bio

My name is Bridgette Victoria Cruz. I currently reside in Queens, NY. I was born in Miami, Florida and raised in Lorain, Ohio. I am an aspiring film and photography artist. I’m Puerto Rican and was raised in a traditional Puerto Rican family. I’m also a poet. My biggest dream is to help create resources and resource centers for all minority LGBT youth to help them achieve their dreams.

See her describe her work — and her passion:

Description of Artwork

To be Boricua and Queer—Can be often thought to be unlikely. Latina stereotypes are “feminine, well-polished, and submissive,” Queer stereotypes often read as “outcast, unwanted, and neglected.” Which also reminds me of the Puerto Rico in the current times. Although both groups have been neglected by their government — To reclaim my pride as a Puerto Rican Queer Woman—is to send a message to all those who are like me and unlike me. “I exist, I am strong, and no matter how much you try to neglect my people and people like me. Yo soy Boricua todavía. Yo soy Queer todavía.” But ultimately, this message is not about me. It is to raise awareness about the millions who live a life like mine. Unnoticed—longing for a place we barely know and want to heal: Puerto Rico. That no president, no government. No lack of resource will stop our pride in being Puerto Rican and our efforts to save the island; And that no stereotype of people like me will stop us from being who we truly are. I hope in the future that this will inspire the youth to create messages of resistance for better world for people like us.

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Last modified: September 13, 2018