Gay ASMR: This Is Sensual Audio That Will Turn You On

If you’re in search of sensual audio that will turn you on, welcome to the wild world of Gay ASMR.

What is ASMR?

Essentially, ASMR is a euphoric kind of tingling sensation some people feel in response to certain audio or visual stimulation. These “triggers” may include people whispering, breathing or offering personal attention. Listening to and/or watching repeated actions like finger-tapping, hair-brushing and rustling papers can also be triggers.

The term ASMR is an acronym for “autonomous sensory meridian response.” But that’s less important than the fact that – for many people – it just feels good. In fact, it feels so good that people have referred to it in terms as extreme as a “brain orgasm.” The sensation generally moves down from the head into the spine and shoulders. In some cases, it can also increase in intensity as it spreads into the limbs and lower back.

Some ASMR enthusiasts object to the idea of conflating it with sexual arousal. They prefer to think of it as a kind of “sound massage” – less about sex and more about relaxation. But so many fans associate sexual and ASMR pleasure that an entire subgenre of ASMR erotica (or ASMRotica) has evolved. These are specifically designed to be sexually stimulating, as well. And that’s where the Gay ASMR comes in.

What Makes Gay ASMR?

Technically, anyone gay creating or participating in ASMR could be considered Gay ASMR. But, more generally, Gay ASMR refers to a subgenre of audio and video files the involve homosexual activity or relationships. That makes up a significant portion of the more than 15 million ASMR videos you can find on YouTube. Some of these videos purport to be able to “hypnotize” the listener into reaching new heights of ecstasy. Others use noises like men sighing, kissing or softly moaning as triggers. Many also incorporate some degree of roleplaying. The results range from mild to wild, but we’ll focus on some examples from the less explicit end of the spectrum. (And if you like what you hear, it’s easy to find your way to much more graphic examples on YouTube, Reddit and elsewhere.)

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ASMR Sleepover with Your Gay Best Friend

This one is from Tyson ASMR. He offers many videos that mix a variety of gay ASMR scenarios. In this one, he’s having “sister” sleepover with you. In the course of it, he introduces ASMR-triggering sounds varying from the clicking of buttons on a hand-held vide game to munching peanut-butter-filled pretzel bites. In related news, he’s quite the snack himself.

Stood Up by Our Girlfriends

There’s clearly some intriguing backstory in this gay ASMR scenario created by defrosted. The (ostensibly straight) speaker is talking to you, a male friend. Can you believe it? Both of your girlfriends have cancelled on you! In soft, affectionate tones, the speaker discusses the ups and downs of his own relationship. And he gradually gets around to praising your many excellent qualities. Eventually, he flat out admits that all this being cancelled on has left him missing human intimacy. And – spoiler alert – he ends up finding some with you.

ASMR Top Boyfriend – After Work Cuddle

This contribution from Baked Poptart is an example of a “Boyfriend Experience.” (You might consider Boyfriend Experiences an entire subgenre of Gay ASMR.) In it, the speaker beckons his boyfriend to him. He speaks about loving and missing him when they are apart all day. Both the tone and the language are unabashedly romantic. And in terms of ASMR, there’s plenty of soft speaking, and you might also be triggered by the clicks and pops of the speaker’s moving mouth.

Helping His Gay Boyfriend Sleep ASMR

In this clip from Rainy Day Audio, you get another speaker playing your boyfriend. This time, he’s holding you and coaxing you to sleep after a bout of insomnia. You’ll hear some sounds of kissing, sheets rustling and your boyfriend speaking softly – telling you to relax and imagine what you’ll do together tomorrow. It’s sweet and gently sexy.

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Gay Kidnapping ASMR

This ASMR from ASMRistocrat is for listeners interested in something a little darker. In it, the whispering male speaker has kidnapped you. He describes himself as your “secret admirer.” And he’s rather obsessed judging by how closely he’s had his eye on you. Eventually, he also reveals what he plans to do with you next.

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Trying ASMR with Your Boyfriend

This is a little bit of an unusual video for two reasons. One, it’s an experiment by someone (YouTuber DionYorkie who’s giving ASMR a try. Essentially, he’s upfront about the fact that he’s not a tingle-inducing ASMR expert. Two, unlike the many single-speaker ASMR videos, both the speaker and his boyfriend (fellow YouTuber Sebb Argo are on mic. The bonuses to the latter are that it involves both some unexpected comedic interplay and a variety of very real kissing.

Pride Month ASMR

Flawless Kevin does much more on YouTube than ASMR. But with over 300,000 subscribers, he certainly knows how to please his audience. He’s also clearly seen his share of ASMR videos. And, in his Gay Pride take on the genre, he presents a colorful array of of Pride-themed triggers. He presents the sound of Lucky Charms (hey, there’s a rainbow on the box). He taps on his rainbow-accented graduation cap. And he even fusses with the wrapper of a rainbow-colored, penis-shaped lollipop. Even if you don’t get the tingles from his triggers, you might get a boost from Kevin’s infectious energy.

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