“Get it Together!” A New Guide by Orlando Soria Helps You Create Your Best Life

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Get it Together! | By Orlando Soria; Prestel Publishing; $39.95

Interior Designer Orlando Soria’s new book, “Get it Together! An Interior Designer’s Guide to Creating Your Best Life” offers more than just tips on how to design your dream home or how to throw a dinner party on a dime. Soria, whom you may also recognize from HGTV, creates an enjoyable and relatable life guide that addresses serious topics like losing a job or living on your own for the first time. This wisdom comes complete with sassy wordplay like “What to Do When You’ve Been Laid Off and Your Life is Ruined Forever” or, my personal favorite, “If Your Kids Are Brats It’s Probably Your Fault for Not Making Their Rooms Cute Enough.” (Seriously, though, parents: control your children).

get it together book coverComplimented with photographs by Zeke Ruleas, Soria offers great tips on great-looking home décor and better living. Readers can almost hear Soria’s distinctive voice in their heads — reading the guide to you, teaching skills like how to properly hang artwork and generally avoiding rookie mistakes. Get it Together! is especially ideal for gay men going through an early midlife crisis. Soria offers a practical guide to what’s gay (Greek warrior sandals and a neon tank top? Yep!), how gays can age gracefully (turn that circuit party music down and ease up on the “YASSS HUNTY!”) and, last but not least, gay home décor (“finding a hot piece of brass”). However, while Soria does offer useful information about decorating and life in general — for both the gay and non-gay — this comes with his caveat that “humans are innately awful and should really live alone in caves.”

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Last modified: August 8, 2018