This Is How Five Amazing Groups Are Actually Fighting HIV/AIDS

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The long-term goal is ending the epidemic, but much is being accomplished along the way.

It’s tempting to praise organizations who help address the needs of people living with HIV and AIDS in a general way. They’re doing important work on behalf of an often-underserved population. But sometimes looking at their specific achievements can be even more impressive. Check out some stats from five groups making a difference:

AIDS Foundation of Chicago

AIDS Foundation of Chicago is a local and national leader in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Recent highlights of their work include:

  • Supportive housing and housing stabilization programs providing 1,132 people in Illinois a home.
  • A 64% decrease in reported health discomfort by participants after six months in supportive housing.
  • 170 advocates in lobbying sessions resulting in conversations with over 100 state legislators.
  • Helping secure a $1 million increase in HIV/AIDS funding and a $2.6 million increase in supportive housing in the Illinois budget.
  • Administering PrEP trainings to 387 health care providers.
  • Testing 5,022 people, identifying 92 as HIV positive, and linking 72 to care.

Alpha Workshops

The Alpha Workshops provides NYC-area low-income HIV-positive individuals training and employment in the decorative arts. After students graduate:

  • 8% secure freelance work.
  • 10% go on to higher education.
  • 12% secure per diem work.
  • 50% secure employment for three or more months.

AIDS LifeCycle

AIDS/LifeCycle: Ride to End AIDS is an annual fundraiser to support indispensible California AIDS service organizations. This year, the organization:

  • Took thousands of cyclists and volunteer “roadies” on a logistically complex 545-mile, 7-day fundraising journey from San Francisco to Los Angeles.
  • Will raise approximately $15.5 million to fund the work of the San Francisco AIDS foundation and the HIV/AIDS-related services of the Los Angeles LGBT center.
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Housing Works

Housing Works has a mission to provide housing, care and community to homeless individuals living with HIV/AIDS and their families. They have:

  • Provided supportive services and health intervention for almost 3,000 New Yorkers in need.
  • Enrolled clients in Health Homes at a rate of over 75 individuals per month.
  • Provided supportive housing for over 200 people in need.
  • Advocated initiatives including AIDS-Free NY 2020, AIDS-Free USA 2025, and AIDS-Free World 2030.
  • Raised funds for client needs through creative outlets such as their bookstore cafe, thrift shops, catering service and special events.


GMHC is the nation’s leading provider of HIV/AIDS care, prevention services and advocacy. Some of their annual accomplishments include:

  • Providing services to nearly 9,000 men, women and children in the NYC area living with and/or affected by HIV/AIDS.
  • Offering nearly 90,000 hot, nutritious meals to clients living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Hosting the world’s largest HIV/AIDS fundraising event, AIDS Walk New York, which draws over 35,000 participants annually and has raised over $139 million in 30 years.
  • Of clients who began accessing GMHC’s mental health services when not virally suppressed, 64% became suppressed and 61% became undetectable.

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How Can You Help?

The above numbers are current as of 2015. These organizations have continued to do great work, and they can benefit from your support. We encourage you to visit their websites, learn more about what they do and how you help them make an even greater impact.

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Last modified: July 15, 2019