RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 11 Preview!

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possible candidates for season 11

Are the rumors true? Check out who we think may be the next to walk Ru’s runway!

Aquaria might have just been crowned America’s Next Drag Superstar, but we are always looking out for the next round of queens to grace the already star-studded runway of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Though the next season is nearly a year away, we put a list together of 10 queens who — rumored has it — are in the running to be on the eleventh season of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Ariel Versace
Cherry Hill, NJ

New Jersey’s life-sized Bratz doll is rumored to be making her way to Season 11 and would only be the Garden State’s second queen to compete on the reality competition. Versace is known for her unique sense of color and energy in her drag style. She focuses most of her energy in recreating pop culture looks through her social media platforms—similar to Phi Phi O’Hara’s 365 Days of Drag. (pictured, top left)

Sir Honey Davenport
New York, NY

Born in West Philadelphia, Sir Honey Davenport is known in the New York city LGBTQ community for her crazy colored hair and animated performances. Sir Honey Davenport takes inspiration from several gender-bending musicians and artists and describes her style of drag as “artistic but understandable.” Davenport won the first season of the local “So You Think You Can Drag” competition as well as Miss Fire Island 2016, so we hope to see his powerful performance on next season. (pictured, top right)

Scarlet Envy,
Brooklyn, NY

Make room for Scarlet Envy, one of the most talked about and fierce drag queens of Brooklyn. Scarlet started doing drag around 2011 and since then has competed in several drag shows around the city. She is known for her unique and artistic approach towards the world of drag. She has been rumored year after year to be on drag race; will she finally make it to the show? (pictured, bottom second from right)

Shuga Cain
New York, NY

Shuga Cain is another well-known New York Queen, recognized for her unique sense of style and exaggeration of color in her drag. The winner of “Ultimate Drag Off,” Shuga Cain takes her name from her love of baking and candy. She also loves singing and doing live comedy. Shuga recently was a fierce competitor in the “Look Queen” competition, so we are getting a sugar rush to see her on Season 11. (pictured, bottom left)

Chicago, IL

You might know Soju from her hit YouTube series Shot with Soju, on which she interviews other queens from around the country — including Drag Race alumni. Back when Soju was getting started with drag she was often mistaken with Kim Chi (of Drag Race Season Eight, but since then she has gone on to conquer the Chicago drag scene. Since this year’s filming began, Soju has been rumored to be on the next season, and — with the amount of talent that is beneath that wig — we just can’t wait! (pictured, bottom second from left)

Vanessa Vanjie Mateo,
Tampa, FL

Miss Vanjie! Miss Van-jie! Miss … Vanjie! She made herstory on the Season 10, and many believe that we may be blessed with the presence of Miss Vanessa Vanjie Mateo on Drag Race once again! If you aren’t already familiar with the viral star, Miss Vanjie was the first queen to be eliminated on the most recent season of Rupaul’s Drag Race and spawned the viral meme that is “Miss Vanjie” with her unforgettable exit. Alexis Mateo’s drag daughter might be given a second chance to redeem herself (much like the first return of Shangela); may the best woman win! (pictured, bottom center)

Plastique Tiara,
Dallas, TX

Plastique Tiara, a member of the legendary House of Edwards, has been a staple of the Dallas drag scene for years and may make her debut into the WERK room! Everybody loves a glam queen, and Plastique definitely has it all with her absolutely stunning looks! Let’s just hope that the Edwards Snatch Game curse doesn’t live on! (pictured, top second from right)

Kahanna Montrese,
Las Vegas, NV

Kahanna Montrese, the drag daughter of legendary Coco Montrese, has been rumored to be on an upcoming season of RuPaul’s Drag Race since Season Nine was filming, but there are credible hints that she might finally be on this next season! Drag is a family, so we are seriously excited to see another drag race daughter strut the runway! (pictured, top center)

Brooke Lynn Hytes
Nashville, TN

Like Season Nine (and Ten) queen Eureka O’hara, Brook Lynn Hytes comes from the City of Music — Nashville, Tennessee! Originally a ballet dancer from South Africa, Brooke Lynn Hytes has conquered the world of drag in many ways, earning her the title of Miss Continental 2014. Hytes blends the fashion forward attitude of NYC drag with her unique twist on Nashville style. After conquering the local drag scene, the natural next step is Drag Race! (pictured, top second from left)

Yvie Oddly,
Denver, Colorado

Hailing from the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado, Yvie Oddly is one of the most interesting and unique queens in the drag scene right now. Yvie (pronounced EE-VEE) brings her avant-garde, dark, and quirky energy to a truly wacky character, and her shows are unforgettable. If the rumors are true, she will most definitely be a force to contend with on the upcoming season of Drag Race. There is truly nobody else like her! (pictured, bottom right)

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Last modified: October 4, 2018