See Amy Sedaris Climb Through the Gays of Billy on the Street's Shondaland

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Shondaland is the name of Shonda Rhimes’s production company. And a new theme park obstacle course created Billy Eichner.

Courtesy TruTV

Courtesy TruTV

On this season of Billy on the Street, he challenged Amy Sedaris to run the gauntlet of Shonda Rhimes–themed obstacles to become the mayor of Shondaland, a world “for gays and blacks and everyone!”

Challenges include breaking through the literal glass ceiling; crawling through the “gratuitous, racy and enjoyable gay sex” of How to Get Away with Murder, and making lots of Jerri Blankesque faces. Spoiler: Sedaris makes all the faces. But will she become the mayor of Shondaland? Find out here:

Billy on the Street airs on TruTV Thursdays at 10:30pm.

Last modified: July 28, 2017