What’s New in Skin Care? Nutt Butter Edibles Pairs Naughty and Nice

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nutt butter

With harsh weather outdoors and heat indoors, winter is almost certainly the most difficult season to keep your skin feeling fresh and dewy. For those possessed of both a sense of humor and a need for hydration, we couldn’t resist highlighting the naughtily-named Nutt Butter Edibles from Tame the Beast.

As the reviews on Amazon make clear, this product is a godsend for guys who have dealt for a long time with too much funk in their junk with no solutions in sight. Although Nutt Butter can be applied anywhere you might happen to have skin, certain delicate regions are especially likely to experience the benefits of their lotion assortment. One customer says he’d tried everything from generic powders to corn starch (bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase “What’s cookin’?”) in an effort to spruce up his undercarriage. But it wasn’t until Nutt Butter that he finally found a way to — you guessed it: Tame the Beast.

Tongue-in-cheek is another part of the appeal, according to the company execs. “Satire is our brand,” explains founder John Cascarano about their products’ titillating titles. “We incorporate humor into our campaigns to spark attention; it’s entertainment.” For example, Tame the Beast’s Nutt Butter Edibles moisturizers are so named because they are crafted with food grade ingredients such as organic aloe, vitamin E, and mouthwatering flavors that are vegan and wholly edible.

The Peppermintini flavor lets users experience delicious peppermint oil and vanilla extract (meant to leave you tingling), while the Bourbon Manuka Honey flavor blends the natural aphrodisiac quality of Manuka Honey with vanilla and vitamin E. And while we probably wouldn’t recommend chowing down on a full tube of it as a snack, when you’re sharing an intimate moisturizing moment with a friend, that anything left on this skin will still be a taste sensation. getbeast.com

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Last modified: February 25, 2019