This is the Hidden Cost of Thanksgiving — in Calories

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Wondering how high you can heap that Thanksgiving plate? That might depend on how much time you have to exercise afterward. How many calories are in your favorite Thanksgiving foods and how do you burn them off?

Ah, Thanksgiving. It may be the most indulgent holiday of the year — at least when it comes to all of that food. Who hasn’t ended up wolfing down way more than they intended. From the turkey and stuffing to the mashed potatoes, the average Thanksgiving feast can add up to 4,500 calories!

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This is by no means a reason to skip the festivities, but it does call into question how we can stay healthy before and after indulging. But even if every Thanksgiving food has a price, you can make time for a workout to burn it off. So go ahead, have that extra slice of pie – if you’ve got an extra 30 minutes to spend at the gym!

1 cup mashed potatoes 237 Stationary bike About 30 minutes
3.5 oz white meat turkey with skin 177 Running on treadmill About 15 minutes
½ cup stuffing 195 Mountain climbing About 23 minutes
4 oz (1 medium) candied sweet potato 187 Butt kicks About 22 minutes
½ cup green bean casserole 227 Swimming About 30 minutes
¼ cup gravy 25 Jump rope About 3 minutes
¼ cup cranberry sauce 102 Walking About 25 minutes
3×3-inch square cornbread 198 Rowing machine About 20 minutes
5 fluid oz wine 125 Weight lifting About 30 minutes
1 slice pumpkin pie 280 High-knee running About 30 minutes

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Last modified: November 4, 2019