Tom Daley Makes a Splash, Log Cabin Republicans Still Stuck, and a Pastor Disaster

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Not only does Tom Daley fill out a speedo well, he’s apparently got a future in foreign policy. Plus, are you ready for 45 in the flesh? And another gay pastor caught en flagranté.

Thanks, Tom Daley

Boris Johnson, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs has told Radio 1 Newsbeat that he will raise the issue of criminalized homosexual conduct with leaders of countries where that expression of sexual orientation remains illegal.

A member of the Conservative Party, Johnson has long been linked to socially progressive policies. Johnson’s statement was in response to British Diver Tom Daley’s call for member countries to decriminalize homosexuality throughout the Commonwealth.

Johnson told Radio 1 “We encourage the celebration of LGBT across the world and the UK leads in that.”
Daley’s public prodding took place after earning another gold medal at the recent Commonwealth competition in Australia.

The Olympic diver soon expecting a son with Hollywood heavyweight husband, Dustin Lance Black, said after his victory that “I feel extremely lucky to compete openly as who I am, not worry about ramifications. But for lots of people living in those countries it is not the case.”

Of the Commonwealth Games, 70 per cent of the countries participating still have laws on the books making homosexuality a crime.

Good Ol’ Boys Club

Ahhh, you have to admire their tenacity, if not their common sense.

Members of the Log Cabin Republicans (translation: we vote our wallets over our consciences) have now been banned from having stall at the Texas GOP state convention for the 20th successive year.

For anyone not in the know, Log Cabin posits to change the rabidly anti-gay platforms of the party from within, although they seem to have done nothing but lose ground for the last several decades as the GOP has veered ever rightward.

So while the Cabinboys have twisted themselves into pretzels of ethics to defend their party, the conservatives within still want little to nothing to do with them. Under those circumstances, any victory is a victory, right?

Likely then that there was much rejoicing when the keynote event at the Conservative Political Action Conference lifted a long-entrenched ban on the group. Still, the Cabinistas remain persona non grata at a host of other GOP affairs.

Now the God-fearing heterocentrics of the Texas Republican party have declined the Loggies’ application for a stall again — rejecting their application to attend the convention as a recognized group andleaving them to prostylize among themselves.

Sooner or later, we all have to accept the ugly truth: They’re just not into you, dude.

Whoops, There He Is

Hoover Alabama youth pastor Acton Bowen was charged last week in the sexual molestation of a teenaged boy, and now with that cover provided, more victims are materializing to assert that Bowen lured them into sex.

It seems the virulently anti-gay Bowen’s legal troubles are just beginning. In the midst of the furor, his wife filed for divorce. She’s also taken legal steps to retain control of their home and bank accounts, as well as asked the court to grant her a restraining order.

And while he has so far denied all allegations of misconduct, Bowen’s arrest follows a six-month investigation into an underage boy’s accusations whose family once regarded Bowen as a “friend.”

Among the new alleged victims are four more males (several of whom are now adults), who claim Bowen abused them sexually while they were between the ages of 12 and 17.

Hoover Police Captain Gregg Rector told the press that “when we met with the first victim, our worst fear was that there could be more young boys who had been molested and preyed upon by Acton Bowen.”

The pastor, who runs Acton Bowen Outreach Ministries, has a long record of anti-gay rhetoric and lambasted “sexual immorality” in a popular “devotional” book for youth he authored called”Escape the Noise.”

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