Twitter Is Predicting Emmys After “Fosse/Verdon” Episode 3 “Me and My Baby”

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Bob Fosse had trouble in the editing room, and Gwen Verdon had trouble with rehearsal. But Twitter was having no trouble expressing itself over Fosse/Verdon Episode 3, “Me and My Baby”:

Debbie Allen

Legendary entertainer Debbie Allen is getting flashbacks to working with Gwen Verdon:

Michael McClain

Michael McClain is already handicapping the Emmys:

Kevin Daly

Theater lover Kevin Daly has drawn some meta conclusions from the show so far:


Animator and YouTuber Lena was unsettled by one of the night’s most emotional moments:

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Benjamin Maio Mackay

Director and performer Benjamin Maio Mackay says theater people not watching Fosse/Verdon are probably doing it wrong:

Greg Brian

Writer Greg Brian is looking forward to another of Fosse’s leading ladies:

Lin-Manuel Miranda

And – after hosting Natalie Walker, Julia Murney and Patti Murin (fresh from performing in Broadway’s Frozen) for this week’s watch party – our beloved Lin-Manuel Miranda promises one of his longtime collaborators will join him next week:

Wanna call Michelle Williams back on stage for another ovation? See what Twitter had to say about Fosse/Verdon Episode 1 and Episode 2!

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Last modified: April 24, 2019