Fight for Your Right to Party: MMA Fighters Defend Drag Show

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This story is so satisfying that it must be experienced at full volume. So, cue up The Bodyguard soundtrack and get ready to be swept off your feet by a squad of mixed martial arts angels.

They swoop and you’ll swoon.

It all began innocently enough: a West Virginia eatery announced a drag show to entertaint patrons while they chased their pizza with adult beverages and a side of empowerment.

As I’m Every Woman blares through your speakers, let’s continue our tale.

Wherever joy flourishes, a villain seethes in the nearby shadows. In this case, the shadows are social media and the villain is a right-wing conspiracy that drag queens are deviants. Throngs of cowardly keyboard warriors threatened the restaurant, forcing them to cancel the show.

Pair this moment with I Have Nothing as our drama escalates.

The bad guys were winning, but in true Bodyguard fashion, a hero was standing in the wings.

“I’m not afraid to stand up to people, and I train to fight people all day, every day, so if somebody really wants to attack somebody, let them attack me instead.”

This was the dashing declaration of Johnny Haught, owner of Ohio Valley MMA, in an interview with NBC News.

“Don’t attack the drag queens.”

Haught and his homies rail against representatives who have demonized drag to such extremes that their cult members are willing to perpetrate violence against the performers.

“The basis of this is ignorance… The politicians that fight against drag shows, they’ve never been to a drag show.”

We feel like Whitney as Kevin Costner scoops her into his arms. Go on, our knight in shining denim.

“I volunteer myself and my fighters to stand guard so that people can do exactly what they want to do,” concludes the MMA maestro.

I Will Always Love You, Johnny Haught. The end. Roll credits.

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Last modified: March 16, 2023