Did George Michael Have to Have Drugs as Well as “Faith?”

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George Michael

The world may never know what toxins were coursing through singer/songwriter George Michael’s body when he died. But an ex believes they included liquid G.

Michael died at his home on Christmas Day in 2016. He was 53 years old, grossly overweight and, according to some, suffering from depression. Now a male escort named Paul Stag has come forward to say that he often acted as Michael’s drug dealer while he and the late British superstar dated on and off between 2009 and 2013.

Although his integrity and veracity have been called into question on numerous occasions, Stag remains resolute, telling the reporter that the former Wham! superstar was “mad on G. He loved it,” and that it would have been much in character had Michael been on drugs on Christmas Eve, the night before he was found dead.

According to Stag, Michael was “incredibly sexually active, and in his mind drugs equalled sex and sex equalled drugs. My belief is he didn’t separate that until the day he died.” As Stag remembers it, he saw Michael under the influence and watched him collapse “many, many times. He threw up on my bathroom floor and I had to kick him out of my house.”

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While Michael’s alleged drug use may have been extreme, Stag says it wasn’t chronic or habitual in terms of being addicted daily. Rather, as Stag recalls, Michael would veer wildly from workaholic mode to drug binges. Over the nine years they knew each other, Stag claims Michael called as many as 500 times — largely to use Stag as a drug connection.

“My heart never sank when the phone went and it was a request from George,” the escort said. “It was 300, 400, 500 times. As and when he wanted. Sometimes it would be twice a week, then nothing for a few weeks because of his work.”

Stag says he met the singer through a gay magazine, and the pair never had sex without Michael being high on drugs that Stag would supply. And, says Stag, he was willing to supply the recording star with drugs because he didn’t want Michael dealing with others who might not be as trustworthy.

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Preliminary autopsy results failed to yield a conclusive cause of death, but further toxicology test results are pending, according to authorities.

It is now widely suspected that the singer was also involved with heroin when he died; so say reports in The Daily Telegraph who claimed that Michael had been surreptitiously using the drug until his death.

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Last modified: July 25, 2019