Here’s What Makes Fire Island Unforgettable

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Many beach towns that still attract and welcome the LGBTQ community began as secluded artists’ colonies in the last century. But in Fire Island: Photographs ($50, Glitterati Editions) by Alex Geana, we see what the island means to a new generation of gay men. 

“I was following a long list of artists who used the community as a safe haven from the city to find inspiration, connection and love,” Geana said of his work. “I wanted to share the respect, fun and happiness and as well as heartbreak that one experiences here, in addition to focusing on how climate change is affecting this special place.”

Yes, there are pictures of beautiful men on beaches and dance floors.

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You’ll also find the expected elegant nudes along with sun-drenched poolsides and exquisitely costumed drag performers. But, there are also images to induce thoughts of solitude and reflection. In one, a lone figure poses against a stark backdrop – what appears to be a dry swimming pool. You can’t help wonder if the subject feels alone despite the summer revelers surely nearby.

In another, a blond stands among the ruins of a fire like a phoenix inside the ashes. It’s a potent reminder of the Fire Island staples that have been lost to actual fire. However you interpret its images, Fire Island: Photographs is an invitation to a very magical gay place indeed.

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Last modified: July 30, 2019