Surveillance Video: A Gay Drama Called “Nobody’s Watching”

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Nobody's Watching

A well-known quote tells us to “Dance like no one is watching,” but nobody watching is a real problem for Nico — an out-of-work actor who wishes anybody was watching.

Nico also had to leave his married lover (and misses him watching). He’s started shoplifting in stores covered with security cameras, and even there no one seems to be paying attention. A soap opera star in his home of Argentina, Nico left for New York only to end up working as a waiter and a nanny. Despite his charm and talent, the handsome and homosexual Nico finds himself a fish out of water — marginalized by his accent, his outsider status, and even his blond hair. Julia Solomonoff directs a quiet, well edited portrait of a man at a crossroads in life, to whom anyone who has ever found himself or herself incomplete and searching can relate. THE WORD: Guillermo Pfening (Nico) took home the best actor prize at the 2017 Tribeca film festival for his performance in this unpretentious and unusual film about discovering where you belong. COMING TO: Theaters

Last modified: March 28, 2019