Who Texted Chita Rivera about “Fosse/Verdon” Episode 5 “Where Am I Going?”

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Nate Corddry as Neil Simon, Sam Rockwell as Bob Fosse and Norbert Leo Butz as Paddy Chayefsky

Bob had a breakdown! Gwen sang! And even though the skies were gray, the cast was radiant in the wake of Judith’s passing in Fosse/Verdon Episode 5 “Where Am I Going?” Naturally, the people of Twitter had feelings about it:

Charlie Smith

Charlie Smith gave voice to what we’re all feeling every time Michell Williams walks onscreen:

Luke Hereford

Director Luke Hereford evidently had his eyes on Nate Corddry’s, uh, performance as Neil Simon:

Amber Treadway

Writer/director Amber Treadway reminded us that Gwen and Ann are more than fascinating characters:

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David Russell

David Russell (Sia’s manager, y’all!) was torn up by Michelle singing this episode’s title song:

Rebecca Daniel

Film critic Rebecca Daniel reminded us of some other event television everyone is obsessed with right now:

Seth Rudetsky:

Friend of Metrosource and all around great guy) Seth Rudetsky texted Chita Rivera about it:

And Seth helped Lin-Manuel Miranda and company (including Difficult People star Julie Klausner) give us a grand finale as we look forward to Chicago on next week’s episode:

Where are YOU going? See what Twitter had to say about Fosse/Verdon going “Full Pippin” in Episode 4.

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Last modified: May 9, 2019