10 Outrageous Things Said on Alright Mary.

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A lively chat on Drag Race, Coco Peru, SAGE, John Waters and Senator Lindsay Graham’s appearance at a Bushwick queer party.

Metrosource editor, and one of Google’s favorite daddiesKevin Phinney appeared on a special edition of Alright Mary this morning to discuss the 2018 People We Love list.  Hysterical laughter aside, we found 10 quotes that stood out, made us cackle and even got us slightly verklempt.  Listen below to hear the full show.

10.  “Is it Pink Flamingos? The concluding scene in Pink Flamingos?  It’s a hard act to follow.  I’m not doing it. Daddy says NO!  My body, my choice. Get away from me with that!” – Kevin Phinney on John Waters and Divine.

9.  “I’m not a big deal, but I’m very sincere. You know, like the pumpkins in the patch in the Charlie Brown special!” – Kevin Phinney on Dina Martina.

8.  “That’s eternal.  You know, that’ll never go out of style.”  – Colin from Alright Mary on a memorable scene from Trick.

7.  “Tori basically played a drag queen.” – Johnny from Alright Mary on Tori Spelling’s performance in Trick.

6.  “He (Harvey Milk) and Dr. King had a lot in common in that they both had this vision, Dr. King called it the ‘beloved community,’ of what it might look like to have a truly egalitarian society where we all could walk and live amongst each other.” – Kevin Phinney on Harvey Milk, “divide and conquer” politics and how RuPaul’s Drag Race has permeated mainstream culture.

5.  “God, I hope we won’t.  Talk about killing a buzz!” – Colin from Alright Mary on seeing Lindsay Graham at a queer Bushwick party.

4.  “I did my job and then I went out into the street and I cried for about 20 minutes.”  – Kevin Phinney on seeing Dennis Shepard, Matthew Shepard’s father, give his speech in The Laramie Project with Adam Rippon and Randy Rainbow.

3.  “Progress is progress, and you have to say, you know, we’re no longer seeing crappy movies and having something like Trick be the exception. You have things like Call Me By Your Name that are winning Oscars and Moonlight winning Oscars, these things are having an impact.” Kevin Phinney on the LGBTQ rainbow coalition becoming more mainstream in film.

2.  “If you’re gonna put the fire on us, then we’re gonna boil…We’re not gonna evaporate. We’re not gonna disappear…when you come at communities that have dealt with this before, and then they’ve finally gotten some footing in a community–it’s hard earned and they’re not gonna just give it up because you’re not comfortable.”  – Colin from Alright Mary on “Make America Great Again” culture and how the Trump administration is trying to erase the LGBTQ community from society.

1. “I remember watching Tom Brokaw say this on the NBC evening news, that there was ‘scientific possibility’ that mosquitos could transfer this disease. We all flipped out…I remember, after hooking up, pouring Clorox on myself.” – Kevin Phinney on what life was like during peak hysteria in the AIDS epidemic.

Alright Mary is “two parts Drag Race viewing party, one part queer studies lecture and a healthy dose of obscure pop culture references, all wrapped in a nuanced layer of Dad jokes and pun-offs and served weekly with a side of piping-hot tea.”

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Last modified: December 7, 2018