20 Sickening Things Said in Drag Race Season 11 Episode 5

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Ariel Versace on RuPaul's Drag Race Season 11

It was a night for playing dolls, and serving spooky looks on the runway. But which queen’s quips were the top tricks and treats of Drag Race Season 11 Episode 5?

After Last Week’s Challenge

On Ru saying Scarlet had done a good job casting the Rusical:
SCARLET: As the casting director, I am going to bask in that sunshine.
ARIEL: Girl, delusions. Every time Scarlet speaks it’s a giant eyeroll.

On her budding showmance with Brooke:
MISS VANJIE: It’s real fresh out the womb. You know. I’m going with the flow. Those kisses keep coming – I’m gonna keep accepting, if you know what I’m saying.

On Yvie suggesting Ra’Jah needs to step up her game on challenges:
RA’JAH: How dare you? You, first and foremost, are not sickening at all. You are literally wearing trash. I’m not gagging. I mean I’m gagging from the smell. It’s like, bitch, do you bathe?

On the queens’ couple name for Brooke and Vanjie:
PLASTIQUE: Branjie. That’s gonna be their new t-shirt and their new merch and their new hats. So, you’re welcome.

Playing Dolls

Introducing the doll challenge:
RU: What’s the secret to being a best friend.
TRIXIE: Well, you wanna be nice to everybody because you never know when it’s gonna come down to a jury vote.

While the girls get dressed:
TRIXIE: What’s your name?
SCARLET: I’m Scarlet.
TRIXIE: I already forgot.

Introducing the Vanessa Mateo doll:
RU: Vanessa is attending night school at the University of Hookin’ to get her degree in stripperology.

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Getting Dressed for the Maxi Challenge

While the queens figure out their Monster Ball looks:
SILKY: What’s a devil wear, honey?
RA’JAH: Prada!

On Silky’s runway fashion standards:
YVIE: I don’t think she gets [that] she can’t ride her personality train to the end.

On whether Plastique can serve monster drag:
SILKY: I just don’t buy it. That bitch gonna give you pretty all day every day in three f**kin’ corsets.

The Monster Ball Runway

On Vanie’s trampy angel costume:
ROSS: Now with wings!
MISS VANJIE: My trampy trick-or-treater concept is the first all-inclusive Victoria’s Secret model. I’m in all white, fully stoned… This angel got a secret. It’s Miss Vanjie!

On Nina West’s “Little Shop of Horrors” look:
ROSS: I couldn’t really see back there, but now I can “Suddenly Seymour”.

On her graveyard ready MILF look:
VANJE: I’ve got my tombstone on my head because I want you to know who I am.

On her decomposing MILF look:
NINA: I feel so alive – and dead – in this look.

On Ariel’s mermaid MILF:
RUPAUL: What’s that scent you’re wearing?
ELVIRA: Catch of the day?

As Yvie spits up black teeth on the runway:
CARA DELEVINGE: She must be a fellow Brit with those teeth.

Judge’s Deliberation

Regarding Yvie’s Witch Please look:
CARA: There was something you could have added. Just a little element more.
YVIE: Next time I’ll eat a baby.

Regarding Yvie, generally:
ROSS: When I call you “freak” that’s the biggest compliment I can give you.
YVIE: I hope so. Otherwise people have been insulting me my entire life.

On veering too far from her identity:
YVIE: I promise not to sabotage myself again with glamor.

On Silky’s Evilene look:
ELVIRA: She was Oprah going as Dolly Parton for her Halloween costume.

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Last modified: March 29, 2019