28 Pieces of Shade Thrown on Drag Race Season 11 Episode 4

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Mercedes Iman Diamond

It was a night of Yanis throwing shade at the queens, and the queens throwing shade at the Trump administration, but what are the shady turns of phrase that we’ll remember from Drag Race Season 11 Episode 4?

Why You Maddow? and Getting Trumped Up

Announcing the Rachel Maddow challenge:
RUPAUL: There’s been a leak, and it’s coming from inside this studio.
SILKY: Soju’s back?
RUPAUL: Shade!

Introducing the maxi challenge:
RUPAUL: Ladies, the news today sounds a lot like high school. Gossip, bickering, backstabbing – and that’s just from today’s White House briefing, sis!

On Mercedes volunteering to play Shandy:
VANJIE: Bitch, what? There is nothing Mercedes can tell me – in my language, her language, any language – that’s gonna sell me the fact that she’s gonna get the main role!

On the idea of Ariel playing the lead:
SILKY: I feel bad for Ariel. She has been casted as Diana Ross but really she is Florence. When has Florence ever won?

On Yvie’s casting:
RA’JAH: Yvie looks like the cryptkeeper, so she had to be Kellyanne Conway.

On their prospects for success:
MISS VANJIE: After that six-way gangbang last week, if we don’t slay this Rusical, we could possibly be witnessing a twelve-way lip sync.

On the former Mrs. Trump:
BROOKE: I get Ivana Trump, which is exactly who I wanted. She’s just, like, a plastic surgery dreamboat – just pumped and very bitchy.

On Mercedes:
RUPAUL: And how do you say, “Bitch, you better wake up!” in Swahili?

On Ra’Jah:
RUPAUL: Well, let’s hope you can help the other girls out more than you did with the Mariah challenge.

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The Shadiest Rehearsal Ever?

On meeting choreographer Yanis Marshall:
MISS VANJIE: Now it’s time to learn this choreography from Miss Yanis. He’s standing there fiercely in heels feeling her fantasy Sasha Fierce the house down. This is about to be very extra.

On his concept:
YANIS: It’s going to be Beyoncé meets Grease.
MISS VANJIE: Come on, Beyoncé!
YANIS: That’s all you heard is Beyoncé?

On Ra’Jah’s dancing:
YANIS: Where did that dance experience go?
RA’JAH: I actually danced technically 15 years ago, so…
YANIS: All right – you work on that.

On Scarlet’s dancing:
YVIE: Scarlet looks like a stick bug in a hurricane, girl.
YANIS: You just gave me, like: “3am, last call, I need another drink.”

On the Silky asking for a count:
SILKY: If you could just give me a “one.”
YANIS: Welcome to showbiz. You have to be fast.

On A’Keria’s dancing:
A’KERIA (singing): It’s the worst… It’s the worst…
YANIS: It is the worst.

Yanis vs. Ra’Jah:
YANIS: Ra’Jah, you shouldn’t have told me you have all this dance experience, Mama, because now I’m expecting so much of you.
A’KERIA: Please don’t slap that man, Miss Ra’Jah!

On Yanis:
RA’JAH: Yanis is giving me the f**king blues, and I’m not taking it. I’m not having it. I’m not liking it. I’m not featuring it. None of it.

On the difficulty level:
ARIEL: When I came in, I thought this was thinking, like, this is gonna be super fun. I did not expect it to be, like, we’re doing the frickin’ Beyonce’s halftime concert.

Getting Ready, Trump: The Rusical and an Orange Alert Runway

On applying one’s eyebrows with a permanent marker:
BROOKE: Silky gets her make-up from Office Depot.

Regarding Trump – in character as Stormy Daniels:
A’KERIA: He’s a super callous fragile racist who’s sexist and atrocious!

On Silky’s slow saunter down the runway:
TIFFANY POLLARD: Take your time, girl.
RUPAUL: This is like a low-speed race with O.J.
TIFFANY: The juice is loose!

On her own runway look:
ARIEL: I look like Big Bird’s orange cousin from New Jersey.

On Shuga’s Trump-inspired lewk:
TIFFANY: I’m so glad I’m black so I don’t have to go tanning and end up like that.
RUPAUL: Girl, look how orange you are!
SHUGA: I’m strutting down this runway like an arrogant ass that Donald Trump is, honey – giving you his mannerisms, his stupid facial expressions, and yes, ma’am, I did grab that p**sy.
TIFFANY: Walk your intimidated ass off this stage real quick!

On Ra’Jah’s runway lewk:
JOEL MCHALE: You look like on-fire Liza Minnelli.

Regarding Celebrity Big Brother:
ROSS: I have a little experience with Omarosa. I shared a toilet for 29 days with Omarosa.
MICHELLE: When you think of Omarosa, you don’t think pretty. You don’t think sweet.

On Miss Vanjie’s Rusical performance:
ROSS: Rosie O’Donnell is a great character to get because there’s so much there. But you were Rosie NO-Donnell.

On Mercedes’ performance in the Rusical:
ROSS: Mercedes should have played Donald because she’s got no character.

On Vanjie’s performance in the Rusical:
ROSS: Vanjie’s Rosie O’Donnell reminds me of when I have sex. She tried real hard, and everyone laughed, but it just missed the mark.

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