Beauty Is SKYN Deep

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At the risk of sounding totally 90s: condoms are sexy. Although many of us in the LGBTQ’mmunity have benefitted from the protection of antiretroviral and pre-exposure prophylaxis drugs in recent years, there is a certain peace of mind that accumulates in the reservoir tip of a good, old-fashioned jimmy hat.

The makers of SKYN brand condoms celebrate the playful permutations of rubber romance. Opening the packet, sheathing it securely down the shaft of that special someone, and painting it with a slick coat of lubricant are all enticing steps in the eternal dance of desire.

SKYN’s latest commercial brings their fornication philosophy to brilliant life, all set to the tune of rave-fave Peaches. Her sultry voice injects new naughtiness to the tune Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes as the onscreen talent cavorts, entwines, and simmers in escalating layers of passion unleashed.

“Much of my work over the years has focused on authentic representations of queer intimacy, love and sex,” explains the ad’s director, Matt Lambert. “It was so exciting to be able to bring these worlds, and experience of directing countless intimacy/sex scenes, to a mainstream commercial space.”

Lambert continues by asserting that the spot features the “most non-het-cis” cast to ever grace a SKYN commercial. All of the players are couples IRL; their authenticity only contributes to the clip’s raw, voyeuristic appeal.

According to a statement from SKYN HQ, “In a world where we need to avoid touch outside, being stuck indoors gives us an opportunity to explore the touch of intimacy more than ever.”

Doubling down on their response to the overwhelming devastation caused by the pandemic, SKYN’s representative assesses, “At a time in which we can’t travel far, the possibilities to discover through pleasure are limitless — a whole new world right at our fingertips.”

Fingertips are made for tickling, touching, and clicking, so put yours to great use by stimulating the link below. Safe sex has never been so dangerously alluring…

Last modified: March 12, 2021