Drag Race All Star Manila Luzon Reveals Her Pick for “Mother of Drag”

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Manila Luzon

After a week spent playing drag mother to her own husband, Manila tells Metrosource her own pick for the title: Mother of Drag.

Manila Luzon Slays All Stars 4

Back when they announced the cast of All Stars 4, we made some predictions. We were right about some things (predicting early exits for Jasmine Masters and Farrah Moan but also not expecting such a commanding performance from Trinity the Tuck.

We did, however, thoroughly expect Manila Luzon to be a force in this competition. And what a force she was! She won three opportunities to lip sync for her legacy and was safe three times. Then, came the rare moment of vulnerability. And in Manila’s only moment in the bottom two of the entire season, everything changed.

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After a Strong Season, Manila Stumbles

As an audience member, I found it hard to critique the competition in the “Judy” numbers. It seemed like each queen and her recently made-over loved one must have done a full performance. However the audience only saw snippets of each pair. The judges offered some praise and critique but nothing make-or-break.

Nor do I think Manila’s make-over of her hunky husband Michael was at the root of her elimination. Michael’s face was beat for the gods! Plus, Manila even got a significant emotional moment to reveal how Michael helped through the loss of her former partner and Drag Race contestant Sahara Davenport.

No, I think two things sent Manila home. First, it the fact that her and her Judy’s runway looks were a bit basic. (The judges clocked them as Grecian goddess robes with some extra decorations). Second, it was the fact that Manila was a juggernaut that, if not stopped, could easily have made it all the way to the crown.

Could it be that RuPaul was finally giving the other All Stars a chance to take down a front runner? If Manila had this question in mind when we asked her who the ‘Mother of Drag’ is, the queen did not bite the hand that asked her to sashay away. Watch for yourself in our exclusive video:

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“Metrosource wants to know if I consider RuPaul the ‘Mother of Drag’ or Divine. Because without RuPaul, there’d be no Race but without Divine, we might not have RuPaul,” Luzon explains. “Well, since she’s putting food on my table right now, I’m gonna say RuPaul is the ‘Mother of Drag’ at the moment,” answered Manila. “And Divine? Maybe [she’s] Grandma? Or, like, Great Aunt?”

Check out how Manila handled aother key moment of the competition, the elimination of Latrice Royale.

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Last modified: August 20, 2019