This Is 50? Happy Birthday, Terry Miller!

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Forgive us for being blunt, but ageism is wildly idiotic. When someone judges an older person or discriminates against them, it’s like they have no concept of time and its inevitable passage. Do you really think you’ll never age, honey? Perhaps you’ll never mature, but that’s a different matter altogether.

Ageism is especially pronounced in the queer community. Youthfulness is coveted to the point where those of us over 30 (gasp supreme) feel like we can’t leave the house without a shawl over our heads. It’s like an LGBTQ Logan’s Run up in here.

That’s why it’s so refreshing when we see public figures embracing their years… and it doesn’t hurt when those figures are as delectable as Terry Miller’s.

Miller co-founded the It Gets Better initiative with his partner, the raucously funny and astute Dan Savage. Mr. S recently posted the following Insta-commemoration of his boyfriend’s chronological milestone.

“This is fifty. Happy birthday, @terrysphots! We’ve been together 26 years — which means he’s now officially spent half his life with me. We’ve been places, we’ve seen things, we’ve gone through some s*** together. We are never bored. I love you, honey.”

In addition to being an activist, Miller has his own line of products on the Tom of Finland site. It pleases us eternally to report that some materials are gloriously NSFW, particularly the full-frontal pic featured on Miller’s coffee mug.

Slurp, slurp times infinity!

Miller’s connection to the ToF lifestyle is deeper than his sensual skin; it delves all the way to his soul.

“You can find Tom of Finland drawings in almost every leather bar, and in gay bars all over the world,” Miller assesses. “It was almost like a code — this is where you’re accepted. This is where you’ll find a community for yourself.”

And we find ourselves picking our collective jaws off the floor. You are beautiful inside and out, Mr. Miller. Happy birthday – here’s to another nifty fifty years!

Photo: Instagram @terrysphots

Last modified: March 16, 2021