20 Flawless Quotes from “Drag Race” Season 11 Episode 7 – “Farm to Runway”

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Drag Queen Ra'Jah d. O'Hara

It was a night of floppy sacks, Alyssa Edwards clacks and fashion made of snacks. But who served the most piping hot phrases of the night?

After Last Week’s Runway

On Scarlet’s lipstick message:
RAJAH: I really feel like we shouldn’t read it. … She’s taken up enough mirror space.

Om Rajah’s reaction:
MISS VANJIE: Girl, Scarlet is still in the parking lot jumping in the van and Miss Rajah is still reading the dogshit out of her.

On Plastique never getting called out for wearing a corset:
SILKY: You better just call her Viola Davis. That bitch knows how to get away with murder.

While Crafting Farm to Runway Lewks

On why she tends to wear corsets and panties on the runway:
MISS VANJIE: My drag aesthetic is Pretty Woman Rodeo Drive stripper

When Ru asks Brook to open up:
A’KERIA: Brook Lynn is sickening on stage and boring off stage. She holds back because she has a fear of actually being judged.

Comforting a Plastique, weeping about her family:
RUPAUL: Show it. The tears. The bits that you may be ashamed of. Do it here. This is your new home. I’m your new mommy. You’ll always be my baby.

Reading Plastique’s emotional moment:
RA’JAH: I just find it very strange that in a walkthrough about personality or lack thereof somehow correlates into your family not knowing that you do drag and that’s the reason why you have no personality.

On not wearing swimsuits and bodysuits to please Michelle:
MISS VANJIE: I ain’t gonna wear ‘em even if they call my name when I look at them my suitcase and they saying, “Put me on!”, Ima say, “No, bitch!”

On the dangers of a design challenge for Dr. Ganache:
RUPAUL: You’ve been getting by on that personality of yours.
SILKY: Oh have I?

Clapping back at Miss Oddly:
SILKY: I would love to see Yvie in a lip sync for your life. Girl, I’m about to send that bitch all the way back to Denver. Ready to.

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Runway Critiques with Alyssa Edwards

Greeting the queens:
ALYSSA: Now some people might think it doesn’t require a lot of work to look Flawless on the runway. Well think again.

On studying with Alyssa:
Get your composition notebooks out. We’re going to school, y’all.

On Miss Vanjie’s walk:
ALYSSA: You went too fast. I thought you was running from the cops. You’ve probably ran from the cops, haven’t you Vanjie?

Her advice to Brook:
ALYSSA: Sell your character because before you sell it, you’re gonna have to buy it yourself.

When she is served “all that Ganache”:
ALYSSA: If I could describe my spirit animal, that might be Miss Silky.

On Plastique channeling vintage Alyssa Edwards runway behavior:
MISS VANJIE: When did Miss Plastique clock in for this s**t? Did somebody order an extra side of extra-ness?

Getting Ready and Farm to Runway

On Silky’s hair care habits:
A’KERIA: I call Miss Silky’s boy hair: “Can’t ya? Don’t ya!” Can’t comb it. Don’t ya try. Can’t do nothing with it. That’s Sonic the Hedgehog, gurrrl.

When Ru asks if she is all natural:
KANDI BURRUSS: You know, milk does a body good but so does breast implants.

On Nina’s corn-themed lewk:
MICHELLE: She obviously got that outfit in thE husky section.

On Brook’s billowing blue lewk with candied orange accents:
RUPUL: Chambray, you stay

On Plastique’s renewed sense of purpose:
RUPAUL: You have Alyssa, and now you have us. Andhat’s what we get to do as gay people. We get to find our tribe who can support us.

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Last modified: April 12, 2019