Celebrate Daddy’s Day Early

Written by | The Lens

It’s that time of year again. No, we’re not referring to spring or summer – the one year anniversary of Man on Man’s gritty/grunt-worthy single Daddy is upon us!

MoM is a rock duo comprised of legendary musician (and one of our enduring crushes) Roddy Bottum alongside his real-life (and real hawt) partner Joey Holman. Fans of Bottum are familiar with his work in such bands as Faith No More and Imperial Teen, and those carnal hooks have only gotten more seductive with age.

In the absence of adoring crowds and grope-tastic mosh pits, performers had to turn inwards last year. That’s how Daddy came to lusty, hairy life. Bottum and Holman wrote and recorded the record during quarantine, and the result is an intimate and undeniably sensual glimpse of two men very much in love.

Daddy’s lyrics are an extended double entendre, providing a surface narrative about a fuzzy pet joining the family on the one hand…

Daddy, can we keep it?

Promise that you’ll feed it.

But on the other hand, the song’s surrounding stanzas paint a more pointed picture of masculine eroticism in all of its blunt, raw glory.

I took a ride to your house. I pulled your shorts down.

I knelt before my swelling king. I took in everything.

The sweaty proceedings take on an added layer of enticement when you realize they are a serenade between two stunningly attractive hunks.


When Man on Man released Daddy almost a year ago, Bottum posted on social media, “It’s a project of love on so many levels… the craft of songwriting I had the honor of taking part in with the sweet LOML, Joey Holman. We holed up in the pandemic with a guitar and a piano with the world getting sick and my mother passing and the country rising up. We coped as best we could by flexing our cathartic, musical muscle to create a collection of songs that kissed the world as we knew it goodbye. Big love to all who’ve supported and listened so far, Chosen Family lives and power to the queers.”

And we saved the best for last: the video for Daddy features Roddy Bottum, Joey Holman, a personal cleansing tool, and not a lot of clothing. Your tighty-whities are about to get a whole lot tighter. Enjoy…



Last modified: April 25, 2021