Intolerance Crumbles: Homophobes Cancel Cookie Orders, Only To Help Texas Bakery Sell Out

Written by | The Lens

There is a sacred subset of phenomena that nobody, emphasis NOBODY, can besmirch. Puppies, hugs, cookies – these gifts from homo heaven are universally beloved… and yet, a certain batch of cookies was recently the target of tasteless ignorance.

When a dessert shop in Lufkin, Texas posted a pic of rainbow treats on their Facebook page, they offered the following caption:

“More LOVE. Less hate. Happy Pride to all our LGBTQ friends! All lovers of cookies and happiness are welcome here”

Sweet and simple, right? Well, not if you’re a hater, and the trolls came out in force to criticize the owners of Confections.

Their subsequent post expressed a profound sense of dismay at being targeted for such an earnest display of humanity.

“Today has been hard. Really hard. We lost a significant amount of followers because of a rainbow heart cookie we posted. We received a very hateful message on our business page canceling a large order (5dz) of summer themed cookies for tomorrow morning (that we just finished decorating) because of a rainbow heart cookie we posted. My heart is heavy. Honestly I never thought a post that literally said more love less hate would result in this kind of backlash to a very small business that is struggling to stay afloat and spread a little cheer through baked goods.”

The entry ended with a call to compassion: “If you love our cookies we will have an over abundance of them tomorrow. Hopefully tomorrow will be better”

The bakery turned out to be as prophetic as they are delicious. The following day bore witness to an outpouring of community support that resulted in customers lining up around the block to get a sample of Confections’ perfection.

As they noted on their now-viral FB page, “We are overwhelmed. This was taken around noon today and sent to us by a sweet customer. Thank you.”

And there you have it. We are fed up (pun intended) with the bigotry that has shrouded our recent history and we are finally ready to feast on inclusion. This recent rally against homophobia is a great appetizer for a more enlightened future. The episode truly leaves a great taste in our smiling mouths.






Last modified: June 7, 2021