Team DC raises awareness, promotes diversity, and trounces homophobia on the field and off.

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Sex and sports have a lot in common. They both involve sweaty bodies mingling in a choreographed display of athletic prowess and physical satisfaction.

And afterward, you can enjoy a much-needed shower with your sparring partner(s).

We also crave a healthy balance of danger and safety in our corporeal pursuits. The rush of excitement is captivating, but in order to fully yield to your inhibitions, you must intimately trust your cohorts.

That’s why Team DC has got your back.

This nonprofit organization creates a network of safe spaces for LGBTQ+ athletes in the District of Columbia and its surrounding vicinity. Team DC raises awareness, promotes diversity, and trounces homophobia on the field and off.

These are lofty ambitions, but they are rooted in real activism. Never one to sit on the sidelines, the group has a mission… a mission that is carried across the goal line by scores of plucky participants every day.

Over 40 leagues belong to Team DC. Residents of the metropolitan area can rely on an established system to play, cavort, and excel in the rainbow hued spotlight. An estimated 7,000 queer athletes compete in a hearty homo haven of camaraderie and achievement.

Speaking of achievements, Team DC creates a pathway to triumph in various arenas. From internships to scholarships, star players truly shine brighter with an assist from Team DC.

Ok, we’re running out of sports analogies, so we’ll pass the ball (there’s another one!) to Brent Minor, Executive Director of Team DC.

During an interview with Now This News, Brent recounts the various Pride events attended by local athletes, the meaningful connections that flourish from such interactions, and the endless possibilities that extend beyond the buzzer and into the real world.

In the words of Mr. Minor, “I don’t think there’s anything more exciting than potential.”

And east coast athletes now have a full scoreboard of potential at their fingertips, courtesy of Team DC. Good game, y’all!

Photo: Instagram @teamdcsports

Last modified: July 6, 2021