The Macabre Manliness of Myrkky Photography

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You’re trapped in a horror movie. The sound of a rusty chainsaw pinballs through the foggy forest, disorienting you until you don’t know which way to run. You can taste the adrenaline boiling in your system.

And then suddenly, the slasher pursuing you emerges from a clearing. He holds a bloody weapon in one hand and your fate in the other. You must escape, you must summon your courage, you must sprint in any direction where this monster can’t catch you…

But what if he’s hawt?

The men of your dreams are conjuring nightmarish visions, courtesy of Myrkky Photography. We already covet queer icons like Jack Dixon, so why not add a splash of sinister to the mix?

The Myrkky tableau dissects carnal cravings into their bloody, beefy, basic components. Each limb is framed with a butcher’s precision, highlighting the musculature so subversively that the viewer is simultaneously titillated and carnivorous.

Photographer Rubén Gerardo Alfaro Moreno has amassed a slaughterhouse of succulent imagery. His models are plucked from our twisted, gay fantasies and prepared for the feast.

It is a smorgasbord of sensuality for the senses.

Our eyes massage each tendon and bulge. Our noses detect a faint whiff of fear and coppery plasma. The tactile gore of our victims is positively palpable. We can almost hear the screams of the innocent… and we want to taste the guilt of the flesh.

At the risk of losing readers immediately, we must mention that Myrkky’s Men Page is mirthfully girthy and NSFW.

If you’re still here… oh, who are we kidding? You’re knee-deep in naked, engorged hunks by now. But for those who made it this far, we applaud your survival skills and appetite for more kills.

Myrkky understands the dark danger of desire and delivers it by the slab. Who wants to live in the mainstream when the margins are this tantalizing?

Photo: Instagram @myrkky_photography

Last modified: August 3, 2022