17 Outrageous Things Said in “Drag Race” Season 11 Episode 8 – Snatch Game at Sea

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Brook Lynn Hytes and Yvie Oddly

It was a night of judging queens by their covers, a nautical Snatch Game and very possibly the most epic “Lip Sync for Your Life” in Drag Race herstory. But who said something worth celebrating?

Recovering from Last Week’s Runway and the Book Challenge

After Yvie throws shade at Silky:
BROOK: Sasha Velour was safe every week and won.
YVIE: That’s cuz Sasha Velour was talented.

Miss Vanjie and Yvie get into it:
VANJIE: How about you shut the f**k up with your skirt and whatever?
YVIE: What else are you gonna repeat?
VANJIE: Whatever I feel like repeating, bitch!

While Vanjie is pitching “Miss Vanjie Walking Backwards Into Fame, You Bitches”:
RU: Wait! Stop! You had to look at the card to remember your name?

This is the prettiest Plastique has ever looked:
PLASTIQUE: Hi, I’m Plastique Tiara. Buy my new book, Personality: Not Everybody Has One.

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Getting Ready and Snatch Game at Sea

Introducing Silky to Jinkx Monsoon:
RUPAUL: Now Jinkx knows a thing or two about snatch game. Do you have any questions for her?
SILKY: I have a question for her: can I get your phone number?

On Yvie’s lack of glamor earlier in the competition:
RUPAUL: Come on bitch. You know you were serving freakazoid before.
JINKX: This all sounds so familiar.

On Brook describing poutine as Celine Dion:
RUPAUL: Hilarious.
BROOK: Really?

On covering for an imperfect impression:
JINKX: Sometimes also an over exaggeration can make up for maybe you’re not the best at doing the voice. I love doing Betty Davis but it’s not accurate. It’s really me going “WHAAA!” as much as possible.

Ru’s Snatch Game philosophy:
RUPAUL: I love to laugh. You know even if it’s halfway funny I’ll f**king laugh.

After Ru and Jinkx are unimpressed with her Snatch Game choice:
MISS VANJIE: Girl, I’m shook, scared, panickin’, stand still mannequin!

As Harvey Fierstein during Snatch Game at Sea:
NINA: I’m not Harvey Weinstein. The only thing I’ve assaulted is a cheese plate.

As TS Madison during Snatch Game at Sea:
SILKY: I let Mimi do my nails in Atlanta, bitch I was the first rich bitch walking around Atlanta with athlete’s feet on my hands.

In the Werk Room and on the Runway

When Yvie attempts to reconcile with Silky:
SILKY: YvIe can take her apology, pack it up with all the rest of the trash that she called drag and go back to Denver.

On her voluminously robed, sequined runway look:
SILKY I am channeling my two favorite divas: Miss Aretha Franklin and Diana Ross. If they had come together to make one big baby, I am truly that.

Critiquing Vanjie’s Snatch Game performance:
ROSS: The Meryl Streep of drag you are not.
VANJIE: Who dat?

On getting what you expect from Miss Vanjie:
MICHELLE: The Snatch Game? She was just Vanjie in a bad red wig.
ROSS: But I don’t care it’s like when you go to a Julia Roberts movie, and you see Julia Roberts and you’re like: Good, cuz I love Julia Roberts.

When Ross and Michelle arguing:
TONY HALE: I love the tension.
ROSS: One day we’re just gonna have passionate sex.
MICHELLE: Let’s do it, Ross.
RUPAUL: On a very special Rupaul’s Drag Race.

It’s also worth noting that this episode featured an almost totally unexplained appearance by Morgan McMichaels and Clea Duvall inquiring about the possibility of a 22-inch penis. But what did you think of this week’s episode? Tell us in the comments below.

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