Miz Cracker Wants to Snatch Lady Bunny’s Bundles

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mz cracker

We asked what RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Ten Queen Miz Cracker would snatch from Lady Bunny, and she knew instantly.

Reality shows are designed to create drama: the long hours, the constant judgment, the learning to get along with a roomful of big personalities. But just in case that’s not enough to lead to the necessary amount of fireworks, casting directors will often throw in some pre-existing conflict: the gay character vs. the born-again Christian, the person of color vs. the racist, anybody vs. one of their crazy, estranged relatives.

And so it was that in Season Ten we got Miz Cracker vs. Aquaria. Word on the street is that the two petite, often-blondes are frequently confused for one another on the New York City Drag Scene, and there have been accusations of them aping one another’s looks. The first episode even saw the other queens gagging over the fact that they were sporting a similar makeup look. (The Horror!) Yet Miz Cracker quickly distinguished herself — both by bringing full character concepts to the runway (a silent film star in mourning!) and by being quick with a quip (“There are no accidents in fisting!”). And let’s not forget that even her name — with its reference to a certain derogatory way to refer to white people — caused a stir. When asked about it by the judges, Miz Cracker coolly replied that she is often recognized and called out by name on the streets of Harlem, where she lives.

But Miz Cracker had a lot going on even before she arrived at Ru’s workroom. Her drag mother is force of nature (and Season Eight Drag Race winner) Bob The Drag Queen. (See our video chat with Bob here. https://metrosource.com/worse-than-whitney-bob-the-drag-queen-rips-donald-trump/) And while we’re talking about Drag Race royalty, it was also Miz Cracker who got Season Nine Champion Sasha Velour her first booking in Manhattan. (See Sasha tell us how she got her name on video here. https://metrosource.com/drag-race-winner-sasha-velour-explains-got-drag-name/). Meanwhile, Miz Cracker’s successful YouTube channel includes the series “Review with a Jew” in which she offers crackerjack commentary on episodes of drag race.

We were eager to give Miz Cracker a chance to show off her trademark wit by asking her what would be on her list if she went on a spree at Lady Bunny’s estate sale. (Before you freak out, it’s just a hypothetical; Lady B is still alive and kicking.) Enjoy Miz Cracker’s answer in our exclusive video, and share it with a friend to show your support for Miz C.

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Last modified: November 28, 2018